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New Affiliate post since the old one was posted by the last mod. This one will be easier for me to edit. So please ignore the dead links to the Affiliate post on all the Winners posts before this ^.^;

To affiliate with final_whisper  comment here.

I'll try to add your communities to the profile as soon as possible.

07/30/08 - I cleaned up and updated the affiliate list to only include the active icontest communities. If you feel that I deleted your community in error, please let me know and I'll add it back right away.


100variations - 10 x 10 icon challenge community
advent_icons - Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children icon community
airgear_awards - Air Gear icontest community
animangalims - Anime and Manga Last Icon Maker Standing
bof_icontest - Icontest dedicated to the Breath of Fire Series
xbrotherhood - Icontest dedicated to Final Fantasy 10 & 10-2
choco_awards - General Final Fantasy challenge community - On Hiatus-
daily_icon - Claim challenge with a daily icon theme twist
dissidiaawards - Final Fantasy Dissidia Icontest community
dynast_lims - Ivalice Alliance Last Icon Maker Standing - On Hiatus-
fabulawards - Final Fantasy 13 awards community
fe_icontest - Icontest dedicated to the Fire Emblem Series
ff_awards - Final Fantasy icontest
ff_eye_candy - General Final Fantasy challenge community with three weekly themes - On Hiatus-
ff_girls_awards - Final Fantasy Icontest dedicated to the Girls of the series
ff_jeopardy - Final Fantasy LIMS-styled adaption of the famous gameshow Jeopardy
ff_kh_battle - LIMS community focusing on Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts with an RPG style twist. - On Hiatus-
ff_males - Final Fantasy Icontest dedicated to the Males of the series
ff_oscars - Final Fantasy nommination community - On Hiatus-
ff_party - A new and unique Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts icontest inspired by the Mario Party series - On Hiatus-
ff_seasonal - Final Fantasy icontest with seasonal themes - On Hiatus-
ff7_awards - Final Fantasy 7 icontest
ff12_awards - Final Fantasy 12 icontest
ffcombat - Final Fantasy tournament-style icontest
ffmelody - Lyric, poem, and quote based Final Fantasy icontest
fran_awards - Icontest for Fran of Final Fantasy 12
ffxiii_awards - A Final Fantasy 13 icontest
hogwarts_battle - Harry Potter Battle-Style Last Icon Maker Standing
lunar_icontest - Icontest dedicated to the Lunar Series - On Hiatus-
mc_awards - a weekly icontest dedicated to all the main characters from Anime, Manga and Games.
megaten_awards - Shin Megami Tensei Icon Awards Community
ouranhostawards - Ouran Koukou Host Club icontest community
rikkuawards - Icontest dedicated to Rikku from Final Fantasy 10 & 10-2
saiyuki_awards - Saiyuiki icontest community
talesof_awards - Icontest dedicated to the Tales of Series
tidusawards - Icontest dedicated to Tidus from Final Fantasy 10
tifa_awards - Icontest dedicated to Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy 7
ultimatefficons - Community where good ff icon makers can post their icons.
vg_battle - A Video game themed Battle icontest
vg_lyrical - Lyrical Video Game Icontest community
vgawards - A Video Game icontest community
yuna_awards - Icontest community featuring Yuna of FFX and FFX-2

list updated 09/01/08
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