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Hall of Fame

New Hall of Fame post since the old one was posted by the last mod. This one will be easier for me to edit. So please ignore the dead links to the Hall of Fame post on all the Winners posts before this ^.^;

Below are all the winners for the past weeks here at final_whisper.

Special thanks goes to elevation, the past moderator, for the Hall of Fame idea and the table coding.

01: Yuna "Whisper" 02: FF XII Provided Images 03: Livin' on the Edge
starryeyedoct adventcloud87 spork_ness
04: Advent Children Blanks 05: Smile "Whisper" 06: Dreams
inquisitory inquisitory spork_ness
07: Forever Your Girl 08: FF IX Blanks 09: Fav Character "Whisper"
inquisitory spork_ness snm_queen
10: Torn 11: Crash and Burn 12: Unreleased Game Blanks
whispyr jigglypuff whispyr
13: Fear "Whisper" 14: Stripes 15: Nothing in my Way
whispyr tartankilts whispyr
16: FF X Blanks 17: Selective Color "Whisper" 18: Amusement
inquisitory tragic_hope rusalkatrix
19: Lucky Star 20: Old School 21: Villians "Whisper"
inquisitory whispyr whispyr
22: Blind 23: Big Girls Don't Cry 24: FF VIII Blanks
tragic_hope misako_chan shixon
25: Odd "Whisper" 26: Water 27: Clothes Off
margyydoodle epicprints luxrays
28: FF VII In-Game 29: NPC's "Whisper" 30: Yellow
epicprints epicprints epicprints
31: Holding Out... 32: FFIV DS Blanks 32: FFIV DS Blanks
ladycaos rusalkatrix chilldive
33: Sexy "Whisper" 34: FFVII Provided Images 35: Somewhere Between...
ladycaos epicprints so_vayne
36: FFT A2 Blanks 37: Evens "Whisper" 38: OTP
epicprints so_vayne fantasia0829
39: Let's Dance 40: Dissidia Blanks 41: Halloween
whispyr anniereckless ryfee
42: FF6 "Whisper" 42: FF6 "Whisper" 43: Smile Like You Mean It
whispyr ryfee anniereckless
44: Choco Blanks 45: Free For All "Whisper" 45: Free For All "Whisper"
x_maps so_vayne ryfee
46: Old Guys 47: Somewhere 48: FFT Blanks
anniereckless ryfee lulu_notorious
49: Paper "Whisper" 50: Magic 51: A Place For My Head
whispyr ryfee whispyr
52: FFX-2 Blanks 53: FF8 "Whisper" 54: Weapons
whispyr sweet100x100 so_vayne
55: SexyBack 56: FF12 Blanks 57: FF9 "Whisper"
so_vayne navi_glow ryfee
58: Eyes 59: 1973 60: FFTA-2 Blanks
so_vayne so_vayne inquisitory
61: Women "Whisper" 62: Non 100x100 63: Fragments of Faith
whispyr so_vayne whispyr
64: FF5 Blanks 65: Green "Whisper" 66: Make-up
fantasia0829 nisey3518 rusalkatrix
67: Such Great Heights 68: FF CC Blanks 69: Attack "Whisper"
fantasia0829 snm_queen pamparumpum
70: Blue Mages 70: Blue Mages 71: Only Women Bleed
sweet100x100 sweet100x100 so_vayne
72: FF IV:ROTM Blanks 73: Tiny Text "Whisper" 74: Fanart
lillypuff pamparumpum franchette
75: Duct tape my heart 76: FFTA Blanks 77: Double "Whisper"
candybouquet pamparumpum warwolves
78: Pre-FF7 79: Ice Ice Baby 80: FF7 DOC Blanks
candybouquet so_vayne so_vayne
81: Men "Whisper" 82: Danger 83: Dumb Luck
shadow_magnet deria_hime margarie
84: FF13 Blanks 85: Red "whisper" 86: Damsel in Distress
pamparumpum whispyr whispyr
87: Boys Of Summer 88: FF Adventure Blanks 89: Elements "Whisper"
ryfee lillypuff whispyr
89: Elements "Whisper" 90: This looks Shopped 91: White Mage Blanks
whispyr thbogzdd so_vayne
91: White Mage Blanks 92: Aquarius 93: Flowers "Whisper"
ryfee ryfee deria_hime
94: Non-Human 95: It Can't.. 96: Blondes Blanks
deria_hime thbogzdd gunshou
97: Expressions "Whisper" 98: Fashion Show 99: Melodies of Life
tragic_hope tragic_hope whispyr
100: Itadaki Blanks 101: Torso Crop "Whisper" 102: Provided Group Images
jaynajoy sweet100x100 xennai
103: Amber 104: Chocobos and Heroes blanks 105: Fabula "Whisper"
deria_hime snm_queen [Unknown LJ tag]
106: TBD 107: TBD 108: TBD
[Unknown LJ tag] [Unknown LJ tag] [Unknown LJ tag]
109: TBD 110: TBD 111: TBD
[Unknown LJ tag] [Unknown LJ tag] [Unknown LJ tag]
112: TBD 113: TBD 114: TBD
[Unknown LJ tag] [Unknown LJ tag] [Unknown LJ tag]
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