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Here, you can participate in the weekly challenges that are posted. There are four types of challenges, and they are as follows:


The challenge is rotated from week to week, so pay attention to what the rules say in the given week.

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&; Only Final Fantasy and its related topics (i.e. Advent Children, Before Crisis, Dirge of Cerberus, Spirits Within and Kingdom Hearts as long as the icons feature one of the FF Characters) icons will be made. Any submissions that are not this game, will be disqualified, and the creator will be warned.
&; You are allowed to submit two icons per week, but if one of them breaks the rules, it's disqualified, but if the other one follows the given rules, it is fine.
&; You must be a member in order to submit.
&; You may not post your icons anywhere until voting is over.
&; Voting for yourself or getting friends to vote for you is not allowed.
&; Only icons made specifically for that challenge made be entered.
&; Do not submit an icon that is currently participating in another icontest. Cross-posting will not be tolerated.
&;Respect your mods and fellow members. Any disrespect and you will be warned. If it is severe you will be banned.
&; You place what you place, no arguments.

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At the beginning of each week (Firday evening), I will post a specific challenge for the week. Each week has its specific rules, so be sure to read them all.

"Whisper": No words will be allowed on these icons. Tiny text is allowed, but only if its not legible. Animations can still be used if you see fit, but they also can’t have words.
Theme: A theme will be given and icon will be made to fit that theme.
Lyrical: A song will be given and icons must include at least two (2) readable consecutive words from the given lyrics.
Blanks: A few pictures will be provided for you to modify in any given way, as long as it still includes the given base. Any outside pictures are not allowed.

Submission Style:
URL: http://www.yourimagehosthere.png
Comments: Community Icon

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At the end of the week, (Friday) I will place all the entries up for all to see. All the icons will be numbered as well. All comments will be screened so no one can see who is winning, or how many votes have been cast. Your job is to post with the number of the icon you like the most. Pay close attention on how many icons you can vote for.


This rule will be strictly enforced. If I catch you voting for your icon, you will be branded and banned. First time offence. I will not tolerate cheaters. Other ways these rules apply:

1) If you have an alternate journal.
2) If you use a regular journal, and a icon journal to vote
3) Having a friend vote for your icon
4) Voting for a friend's icon

Votes will be counted using the three point system as follows:

First Place: 3 Points
Second Place: 2 Points
Third Place: 1 Point

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For a full list of the winners, as well as icons, go here.

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